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SRGDRR is staffed completely by volunteers. Like all humane groups, SRGDRR is in the unique position of helping both humans and pets. In our case, the pets are Great Danes and Great Dane Mixes, and the people are those who have or want the companionship of the breed or, often, just dogs in general. SRGDRR helps people to:

-Determine the right breed of dog for their lifestyle.
-Find healthy and companionable Danes that fit their circumstances.
-Find loving replacement homes for Danes they can no longer keep.
-Become knowledgeable about the care and training of their Great Danes.
-Resolve their Danes physical/behavioral problem.
-Overcome the grief at the loss of their loved pet.
-Stretch their tax dollar by assuming the Dane burden from public shelters.
 SRGDRR helps Danes:

By providing for the rescue and care of those who have been abandoned, neglected, and/or abused by their previous owners.
We spay/neuter and provide medical treatment as necessary to return the Dane back to good health.
We also supply training/socialization to ensure their adaptability to new, good homes.
We work to place rescue Danes to people who provide secure, loving, and healthy homes.
SRGDRR spends an average of $400 per Dane/Dane Mix that enters through our doors. In order for us to continue providing the best care and vetting for our Danes, we need donations and adoptions.

By purchasing items on our wish list, you will be helping the Great Danes we have in foster care currently and future Danes we will take in. Your help is truly appreciated! Please click on the photo to be taken directly to our Amazon Wish List.

Report Danes in Need

If you know of any Great Danes that need our help, please let us know right away. 

We appreciate your help! You can do so by filling the form out below.

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